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Our Mission

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To support the ongoing need for adults with stroke or brain injury to have regular access to meaningful communication practice and opportunities to reintegrate into the community.


To provide ongoing communication practice, build confidence and get survivors connected.

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aphasia support group

We believe communication is a human right, and healing is a journey.  Communication means community, and no person should have to journey alone.

Who are We?

Message from Ted w. Baxter, Founder of Speech Recovery Pathways:

I have first-hand experience of having a massive stroke, dealing with the ups and downs, living with aphasia, and knowing many of the challenges a person could face. It’s not easy but it’s starting a new journey… where you’ll have the best of times and sometimes not – and that it’s where you will be learning. So please keep this in mind: never give up, just give it a chance and try!

Everyone’s journey is different.

Some of my key lessons I learned were the importance of practicing my speech, not isolating myself and practice with various activities in mind.  That is sometimes easier said than done.  Looking back, I always had a positive mindset, hope, having a support system in place and having curiosity, determination and perseverance.

This is what has led me to open Speech Recovery Pathways.  I wanted a safe environment that encourages individuals who are practicing speech, using different strategies, coming up with new ways, connecting with other survivors, and having fun.

This will provide you with a safe platform to practice and with a solid, support system to help you along the way. We will meet you no matter what part of the journey you are on. We are there to share with you your progress of communication and speech!

I hope to see you soon!

Ted W. Baxter, Founder of Speech Recovery Pathways

Our team has credentialed expertise in speech language pathology, first-hand experience (in strokes and aphasia.) and giving hearts. Together we will journey alongside cheering, coaching and pushing you to be the best you can be.


Ted Baxter Owner Founder Speech Recovery Pathways

Ted W. Baxter was born and grew up on Long Island in New York.

He got a Bachelor of Business Administration in 3 years at Hofstra University in 1984 and then got an MBA at Wharton, while working as a management consultant for Price Waterhouse later on.

He built a financial services consulting practice in Tokyo for Price Waterhouse, becoming partner in record time. After working in the Asia-Pacific for Price Waterhouse and Credit Suisse First Boston, he became a managing director at Citadel LLC, a premiere hedge fund and global financial institution. He retired after twenty-two years in the financial industry.

In April 2005, he experienced a massive ischemic stroke. He’s now an advocate, author, and speaker on strokes, aphasia, inspiration and motivation. He volunteers at health institutions, is involved in philanthropic causes, and lives in Orange County, CA with his wife, Michelle and their dog, Zorro.

He is the author of Relentless: How A Massive Stroke Changed My Life for the Better (Greenleaf Book Group Press, July 2018).


Jennifer Even cofounder of Speech Recovery Pathways Aphasia Support Groups

Jennifer Rosales was born and raised in Brea, Ca.

She received her bachelor and master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Redlands.

Jennifer is a licensed and certified Speech Language Pathologist who has over 10 years of experience working with both pediatrics and adults at St. Jude Medical Center where she has extensive work planning and leading aphasia and dysarthria groups. She also teaches at Chapman University as an Adjunct Professor and does some contract work with The Spoken Words Therapy.

She strives in thinking outside the box and has a big heart. She loves bringing people together and getting them back into the community.

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