RobertSRP Member
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SRP helps him with speaking loudly with intent, pronouncing things, “replacing those ‘I cant’s’ with ‘I can’s
KaiSRP Member
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SRP really helps me practice and work my brain
NauticaSRP Volunteer
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I enjoy seeing the members laughing together, making jokes and friendships. They look forward to seeing each other every week and creating friendships.





Consider Joining one of our weekly support groups

stroke support group

Our mission at Speech Recovery Pathways is to support the ongoing need for adults with stroke or brain injury to have regular meaningful communication practice and opportunities to reintegrate into the community.

Consider joining one of our weekly groups:

Join our book Club

Our book club “The West Coast Readers”  was founded by two Brain Injury survivors, Rey and Cindy, back in April 2021. Our goal for this group is to create a safe space for people to practice reading, to engage in discussion and share stories with one another.   The current book they are reading is Tuesday With Morrie.  The group will be meeting July 2022  – October 2022 via zoom every Wednesday from 7:15-8:00pm PST.

If you are not interested in a novel, but still want to practice reading then check out our functional reading group.  This group practices every day reading skills such as short excerpts, newspaper articles etc.  This group will be meeting July 2022 – October 2022 via zoom every Wednesday from 7:15-8:00pm PST

Become a Volunteer

Get Involved

We are always seeking talented volunteers to help directly with communication/cognitive groups/virtual aphasia support groups and/or clerical work. Volunteers must be available for a four month commitment. They receive ongoing training and are well prepared.